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Rhythmic Soup


'Lady Sings in Blue' - 20 x 30 inches - Feb 2009 - Denim & Leather


'Five' - 30 x 40 inches - Jan 2009 - Various Fabrics


Where's The Piano Player_Detail

Hammond Harkins Galleries – SOLD

Where’s The Piano Player ? – SOLD

Where’s the Piano Player? Is what Don ‘DonCee’ Coulter refers to as a “fabric collage”. Coulter typically works with leather, suede, and denim, as wells as vinyl and cloth. He’ll cut the fabrics into shapes and then layer the cut pieces to build his figures by breaking them down into a system of relational shapes and planes. The end result is an organized composition and a convincing depiction of figures in space. What’s amazing about his process is that Coulter achieves his end result via a “flat’ medium, without mixing hues like a painter does. This process was heavily influenced by both hip hop and studying cubism. The subject matter of Where’s the Piano Player? is jazz, a subject close to the artist’s heart. Coulter’s family included the members of Penny & The Quarters, an R&B group from Columbus that recorded songs in the 1970s that recently gained an international audience. Interestingly, Where’s The Piano Player ? has a solid composition made up of overlapping triangles. This system of organization and the artist’s process are both very deliberate. They serve as a counterpoint to jazz, a means of expression more intuitive, fluid, and improvisational. – Hammond Harkins Galleries 2021
Jazz Therapy – OSU Urban Artspace (Columbus, OH) / Cultural Arts Center (Columbus, OH) / King Art Complex (Columbus, OH) / Hammond Harkins Galleries (Columbus, OH) / Lancaster Music Festival (Lancaster, OH) – SOLD
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Hammond Harkins Galleries – (Columbus, OH) – SOLD