About the Artist

Don ‘DonCee’ Coulter is an American artist born in Columbus,Ohio. He discovered his love for art at an early age, a talent inherited from his grandfather, father & uncle. As he grew up, hip-hop became a big influence in his life & pop culture. DonCee found his niche in the movement by designing clothes for break-dancers & hip-hop artists. With his newfound talents, Coulter later decided to take a fashion design course while attending college – which furthered his interest in working with fabrics and designing clothes. After college, he began working as an illustrator for various companies & publications. He soon formed his own company ‘1201 Art Designs’ and later joined Purpose Magazine as an illustrator & cartoonist. In 2001, he decided to pursue his passion and began working primarily with fabrics.

DonCee’s works vary from the tranquil forest meadows to an urban crawl buzzing with life, to jazz musician pulling a long note. His city scenes and landscapes have gained him mainstream appeal.  Every piece of the artist’s collection poses tiny details of the individual world bringing them to life and features his trademark eagle.  According to the artist, a lot of time goes into planning each piece. All of his works are imaginary, idealistic and fictional.

Giving Back 

Dedicated to serving the community, Don ‘DonCee’ Coulter has partnered with several organizations throughout Columbus such as GCAC ( Children of the Future), Capital Kids, King Arts Complex, Southside Settlement House to name a few. In 2007, He headed the ‘In the Spirit of Giving ‘committee, a corporate initiative supporting community service.

Artist Statement

My artwork has a unique look that is constantly revolving. Some have described it as having a three-dimensional / high definition effect due to the incredible attention to detail. Texture plays a major role in the overall appeal of each piece. Leather and suede have been my fabric of choice, as their texture translates well in my pieces. My only apparatus is the xacto knife. It allows me to make precise cuts and gain control over rugged fabrics such as denim.

As you view my work, you will get some sense of perspective through my eyes. I break down my subjects in different planes before considering color or texture. The dominance of warm colors reflects the overall mood of my pieces. My goal is to give off a vibe of tranquility.

Don “DonCee” Coulter began his artistic career as an editorial illustrator, cartoonist, and painter. He was heavily inspired by hip-hop culture, music, and fashion, along with a cubism class he took in college. His class assignment was to experiment with shapes and planes to create a finished art piece. With these influences and job experiences, Coulter developed his unique and recognizable fabric collage artwork, which he achieves with only an X-Acto knife. His piece, “Indiscernible Faces,” was awarded Dr. Melissa Crum’s Juror’s Choice.

Elements for “Indiscernible Faces” were created in the United States, the Netherlands, and Germany. Coulter spent an extended period in Germany through the Greater Columbus Arts Council’s (GCAC) Dresden/Columbus Exchange program, and used fabrics from Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, and Ghana. He says, “Texture plays a major role in the overall appeal of each piece. Leather and suede are my fabrics of choice.” Viewers can see the influences of the countries through architectural references and flags within “Indiscernible Faces.”

Article by Panagiota Kourniotis

Photo by Chris Casella

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