Creating The Seventies Groove

Loann Crane / GCAC Gallery – King Art Complex joint exhibit
Black Heritage Through Visual Rhythms

Dayton Art Institute

Using a combination of mixed media—colored fabric, leather, synthetic hair—Columbus-born artist Don “DonCee” Coulter crafts a nostalgic feast for the eyes with this vibrant street scene of the 1970s.

Although the composition emphasizes the grooviness of that time, it also explores serious contemporary issues. Coulter started this piece during the pandemic as a fun project to pass the time, but following the murder of George Floyd, he couldn’t continue in the same way. While the bright 70s style remained, he added details like “BLM” on a license plate and “8 minutes 46 seconds” on a taxicab, alluding to Floyd’s murder.

You can find “The Seventies Groove” at The Dayton Art Institute and on #BloombergConnects.